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pro wrestling doctor rob tencer

Official Chiropractor

of Pro Wrestling

in California and Michigan.

Meet Dr. Rob Tencer

Dr. Rob Tencer DC is a licensed doctor of chiropractic in the states of  California and Michigan, and in Israel.

The main reason Dr. Tencer made this website, is to offer his health care services, at no cost to people in the professional wrestling business. So few wrestlers, managers, valets, promoters actually get the big money and fame of becoming a TV star, yet endure more stress, trauma, fatigue and pain than a TV star, and have no money to show for all their work. Please allow me to help you, by sending a request for my services.

Dr. Tencer is also available on a first come basis to high school and college wrestling athletes and their programs, in Michigan and California.

More about Dr. Tencer DC

World famous Chiropractor with over 20 years experience of working on Wrestlers, Celebrities, Military and the general public. He has worked as a military doctor under war time stress, that is unseen in normal every day America. He has lived and worked in Beverly Hills, California on Celebrity Clientele, and has specialized in pain management, trauma to the body, post surgical complaints, and is different from other practices in that he does “no cracking or popping” of the spine, and is very gentle and non-forceful, enabling him to work on virtually any person, with any problem, injury, or bone disease.

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Dr. Rob Tencer DC is a very special friend to the wrestlers because he understands what its like for the independent pro wrestlers to work for little or no pay. Sometimes making enough only to pay for gas. Dr. Rob Tencer DC is an extreme fan, and not only loves the profession, but the men and women who spend their lives with it. He fully supports the wrestling profession, by offering his services to those that need him.

(I will Never charge any Wrestlers or Promoters)

note: Dr. Tencer is involved as a big brother. The young boy in the photo’s is not only a pro wrestling fanatic, but is known as”THE NATURAL”. He is a very skilled technical wrestler, who baffles the minds, of those who cannot believe what he can do, for someone of his age. Dr. Tencer is proud to sponsor this young man.

If you are a chiropractor, and a fan of wrestling, contact the pro wrestling doctor if you would like to be added to the list of pro wrestling doctors available.